Bactronix Corporation

Classification : Microbial, Mold & Order Control


Joseph P Kleynjans, Vincent J. Valicenti


333 Rouser Roade

Bldg 4, Suite 103

Moon Township, PA 15108


412.375.7892 FAX




Member Since 2014




We are a microbial control company that uses a non-toxic, nano-technology approach for reducing mold, mildew, fungi, algae, bacteria, viruses and volitile organic compounds (voc) on surfaces and delivers a safer environment for plants, animals and humans. Our process uses a mechanical approach to kill these organisms rather than a chemical kill.  No Poisons!  We use a special apparatus to deploy our 2 Step Bactronizing Process that can provide 100% coverage of all surfaces.  Our products are EPA registered and FDA accepted for Hospital Grade disinfectant classifications.  We specialize in targeting environments that are a high risk for people to acquire illnesses.