A small group of Pittsburgh business owners and managers joined together in 1939 to form an organization that would have as it purpose the promotion of new business opportunities through a network of cooperation among the membership.  
Today, over 50 business categories are represented by some of  Pittsburgh’s outstanding firms. From the start, only one member firm has been permitted to join the P.E.A. within a specific business classification.  When vacancies become available within one of the business classifications, or as new classifications are defined, invitations for membership are extended (most often by referral from the membership) to businesses recognized for their success within that category.
The P.E.A. increases business activity and overall commerce through a formal exchange of written business leads during weekly 90 minute luncheons, held each Tuesday at noon.  Attendance at these luncheon meetings is a requirement of membership.  
Members are encouraged to “Think Members” throughout the week when purchasing or making business decisions.

We in the P.E.A. are fortunate to have active members who give of their personal time and resources toward various civic, political, and charitable causes.  Please keep in mind that the spirit and intent of our weekly meetings is for the sales and business development of our members.  Our product tables, round tables, and general announcements should be of a business nature and not as a forum to promote other worthy causes.
Product Tables (held the first three weeks of the month) are open to guests and prospective members, to see just what makes the P.E.A. so different from other organizations.  The Round Table meetings (held the fourth week of the month) are closed to guests and are for P.E.A. Members to get a little  more one on one knowledge of their fellow P.E.A. Members businesses.